A premier functional medicine resource designed to get to the root

cause of health issues that moms face so you can experience more energy, less pain, and live your best life. 

A Program Designed

Just for You.

By a Mom, Physician, & Wellness Expert

who has been where you are

  • Women make up the majority of those suffering from chronic pain.

  • Women are often ignored, written off, misdiagnosed or undertreated when it comes to pain.

  • My programs provide a solution to eliminate the root cause so you can heal.

Here's How I Can Help

Pick up the Book!

Break the Chronic Pain Cycle: A 90 Day Program to Diagnose & Eliminate the Root Cause of Pain is available on Amazon &

public libraries around Dr.

DeCaria's medical office,

Revitalize Medical Center in

Evanston & Glenview, IL

Free Online Courses

These programs are great if you are just starting out your health journey. Each day you will receive an email with tips/videos on how to improve your health through small, strategic changes designed to eliminate pain, sleep better, and  boost your energy.

Mind & Body Reset Course

Through this DIY online program, learn to truly heal your mind and body. This Six Module course will provide you with a roadmap to getting healthier from the comfort of your own home and time.


Lorrie M.

"Wow! I couldn't believe how in depth the online course was. I was fortunate enough to be able to also work with Dr. DeCaria one on one, and I feel like a new person.

I have more energy, I can take care of my kids, and I enjoy my life again.

Best of all, my pain is gone."

Anna R.

"Dr. DeCaria is the best. I have recommended her to all my friends and family. Through my personalized supplement and diet program, I was able to heal my gut. We then worked on the mind-body aspect, and I have such a greater understanding of the impact of my mind on my pain. It has truly changed my life."